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8 Easy Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Costs

Nothing beats staying at home warm and cozy curled up with a good book, but if you’re wondering why your bill is always so expensive during this time of the year, you might not be heating your home efficiently. Here are some ways to cut your energy costs:

1. Reverse your ceiling fans. Put your ceiling fans in reverse during the winter months so they run clockwise. This will allow the fan to push the room air up toward the ceiling and force the warm air down, and that helps to heat the room without giving you the wind chill effect.

2. Save money by turning down the thermostat 8-10 degrees when no one’s at home - during your work hours or when you have a weekend family trip. If you keep forgetting, it might be worth investing in a smart thermostat instead. It can program the thermostat automatically, saving you time and money!

3. Welcome the sun during the day. Let the light in by opening the curtains as it will help naturally heat your home. Aside from getting heat, the sun is also a good source of Vitamin D, so doing this is like hitting two birds with one stone. Just make sure to cover the windows again at night to keep the cold air out.

4. Close unused rooms. Make sure that the doors to rooms you rarely use are always closed. Doing this makes it a lot warmer in rooms that you actually use and is definitely one of the easiest ways to save energy. Make it a habit to close rooms, and you’ll see an improvement in your energy bill!

5. Dirty furnace filters can contribute a lot to your energy bill. Making sure to replace the filters at least once a month or to follow the instructions on when to replace them will make it more energy efficient for your home!

6. Moving furniture is not only for decoration or aesthetic purposes; it can also improve the airflow at home. Make sure that there is no furniture or appliance blocking your heating vents. Improving the airflow at home and making sure that they are not blocked will help your home heat more efficiently.

7. Cold weather is a sign that it’s time to bake and cook! I know you love baking and cooking for your family but doing it during winter can actually help you warm up your home. Once you’re done baking, leave the oven door open to let out the cozy heat. Just make sure to keep kids away! We want to warm their hearts and stomach but we do not want to burn their hands.

8. The last yet definitely the one that you shouldn’t forget is to get an energy audit. There are a lot of energy auditors whom you can call to conduct an energy audit for your home. For only a minimal fee, the auditor can identify the areas of heat loss and you’ll be able to know where you can improve to make your home more energy efficient.

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